hector bitar contemporary art mexico painting


Formally trained as an architect at the Universidad Anahuac del Norte in Mexico City, he founded Bitar Architects Firm in 2002. In contrast to the rigidity and mathematical perfection Bitar practiced in architecture, his bodies of work allow a space for experimentation with entropy, discovery and unconscious-ness. The compositions are built with enamels, lacquers, adhesives, resins, gold leaf, recycled objects, detritus from the studio and personal items. Allowing these materials to interact and react, Bitar creates a sculptural field where transformation occurs, and the externalization of an internal experience is made visible.

In Bitar's own words: "My pieces emerge at the confluence of two distinct efforts - a defiance of my background in architecture and the quest to depict an expression of emotion rather than an illustration of it. At the locus of these two trajectories, these large-scale [relief-like] works emerge. [... They] fundamentally engage like sculptures, as one is drawn in by the sheer voluptuous density of material, which reveal a tension between the rational mind and emotional release in the act of creation." 




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